An elite Viking warrior, formerly of the Varangian Guard in Constantinople, Snorri is well-travelled and skilled in

Snorri, played by Søren Byder in the mini series of 1066: the Battle for Middle Earth

several languages. He is a skald, or warrior-poet – as gifted with words as he is with an axe.

Pre 1066:

Not much is known about Snorri during his early childhood, except that he was trained by his father to become a good Viking in Constantinople where King Harald Hardrada went. He also may have met Gyrd as a child, seeing that the two have a close friendship which is shown while they are in England after the Vikingr have conquerored the North.

Preparing to leave:

Snorri is first seen in Stiklestad, Norway which is on the Naval Coast of the Viking Empire. He is watching the other Vikings load their supplies onto the boats for their long journey to England. He cracks a smile when he sees a little boy practising his fighting skills with an axe and pats him on the head as he walks past the boy; showing him that he admires the boys spirit.